Tijdelijk gesloten in verband met Coronavirus

Net zoals alle horeca in Nederland zijn ook wij gedwongen om onze deuren dicht te houden voor gasten. In ieder geval tot 6 april maar mogelijk langer. Niemand weet hoe het verder gaat.

Life happens coffee helps
Life Happens, Coffee Helps

We onderzoeken mogelijkheden om jullie tóch te voorzien van super lekkere (slow) koffie en thee maar dicht vergt enige tijd en we kunnen niks beloven!

Published by Christian

Coffee has been my life line for decades, it used to wake me up whenever my parents would make a pot. Having been in IT for 30 years and drifting towards Food&Beverage since 2006, I've slowly but unknowingly narrowed my field of flavors and odors from chef in the kitchen to sommelier at the dining table to barista with coffee since 2016. SCA Certified since 2017. With a background in chemistry, understanding the brew methods was very easy for me. Combined with an insatiable curiosity in knowledge I strive to learn even more about the world of coffee. Currently building up experience to participate in the Dutch Brewers Cup 2020 and if things go the way I hope, perhaps WBC 2023 erm make that 2024!